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Carolina Tragedies Highlight Risks of Drunk Driving

Fatal wrecks in North Carolina and South Carolina on the morning of April 12, 2015, highlighted the tragic reality that the lives drunk drivers claims are often those of the people closest to them. A New Bern, NC, mother faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol in the wake of a crash that killed her daughter, and a 18-year-old in Spartanburg County, SC, appears to have been impaired before crashing and contributing to the death of the teenaged passenger in his vehicle.



The deadly crash in North Carolina occurred on U.S. 70, near Old Cherry Point Road. The at-fault driver lost control of her car, ran off the highway, overcorrected and steered into the path of oncoming traffic. An adult and young boy in the car she hit suffered serious injuries, and the driver's 9-year-old daughter lost her life.

Earlier that same day, on Trammell Road outside of Woodruff, SC, a teen driver slammed into a tree after leaving the roadway. A 17-year-old passenger died at the scene, and a slightly older passenger survived but needed lifesaving treatment after becoming entrapped in the wreckage.

Both at-fault drivers now face multiple criminal charges. However those legal cases turn out, the irreplaceable losses the intoxicated drivers caused by making the reckless and dangerous choice to get behind the wheel after getting drunk cannot be undone. Alcohol, of course, impairs judgment in addition to slowing reaction time and making concentration difficult. Those explanations for why a person would run the risk of causing a DUI/DWI fatality do not stand as excuses, however. Everyone should commit to not driving before they decide to drink to excess. Doing anything else sets the stage for a deadly mistake that that ends lives and severs loving relationships,


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