The Central Virginia Regional Crash Team now has a new 3-D laser technology that is thousands of times more precise than its previous technology. Whereas the team’s old imaging equipment only scanned 500 points, the new device scans an amazing 500 million points, even picking up things as minute as texture. The device also now allows investigators to record data and generate a model of the area.

What does that mean for you? It means that judges and juries will be able to examine the entire crash scene while in the court room. This will benefit car accident victims by showing exactly what happened instead of letting insurance companies offer their interpretation of the accident.

As experienced Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys, we know that evidence at a crash scene can make or break a case. We collect and present evidence from the scene of an accident to strengthen cases. There are also times when even more information is needed.

In one case, our client was rear-ended by a driver who suffered a hypoglycemic event. At first, it seemed like a random accident brought on by the diabetes. After our lawyer did some digging, she found out that this wasn’t the first accident the driver had caused because of the medical problem. Yet the driver continued to keep driving and in turn causing accidents and injuring people. After our lawyer presented this new evidence the insurance company settled.

We’re glad the Central Virginia Regional Crash Team has this new technology. If you live in Bedford County, Vinton, Rocky Mount, Franklin County, Campbell County, or Amherst County, Virginia (VA), and are injured in a catastrophic accident, this new technology will be there to assist you in making claims against the insurance of the at-fault driver.