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Chain Reaction Accident Involving 3 School Buses Sends Dozens of Children to Hospitals

What happened:

Three school buses carrying sixth grade students from Madison Middle School were involved in a chain reaction accident, also involving two other vehicles, along U.S. 25-70 near A-B Tech's Madison campus and Highway 213 in Marshall, NC. A car traveling south, which was being followed by four school buses, stopped to take a left hand turn into the A-B Tech Parking lot. The first two buses stopped. The third bus slammed into the second and that impact caused the second bus to hit the first. After hitting the second bus, the third bus crossed over the center line and hit a pick-up truck that was traveling in the northbound lane. After hitting the truck, the bus went down a grassy hill and crashed into the side of the A-B Tech building.

According to a report on Fox News, 33 of the students were taken to Mashburn Medical Center, 15 students and the driver of the third bus were taken to Mission Hospital in Asheville. Numerous children on the buses were treated for injuries. Police say that charges are pending in the accident, but that neither driver of the private vehicles was at fault.


The North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:

Imagine how frightening it was for all those children involved in this accident, to not only be in the buses when it happened, but to then have to be transported in ambulances, without their parents present. Injured, alone and frightened. And how frightening it must have been for the parents to hear that there has been this type of accident and not knowing if their child was hurt - worse. A nightmare which should not have happened if more attention was being paid to the road. Parents of these children should consider contacting a North Carolina personal injury attorney to find out what legal options may be available to them.


U.S. 25-70 and Highway 213 in Marshall, NC

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