A car traveling east on Interstate 64 (I-64) in Putnam, West Virginia (WV) hit the car ahead of them causing this car to slam into the back of a tractor-trailer. The force was so strong that the car wound up getting stuck underneath the truck. The car that caused this chain reaction crash then hit another car in the other lane of I-64. Talk about a mess.

The people in the car stuck under the truck suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital after police cut them out of their vehicle, according to the Charleston Daily Mail.

We do not know what caused the car to hit the back of the other car and ignite this chain reaction car crash. Was the driver distracted? Were they speeding or trying to change lanes improperly? We will have to wait and see what the accident report reveals.

Chain reaction car wrecks are one of the worst types of car accidents to be involved in. Not only is the damage far greater than if two cars were involved in a fender-bender, but these crashes usually put multiple lives at risk for serious injury or death. The chain reaction wreck in Putnam was bad, but it could have been worse, especially since a car was forced under a tractor-trailer at high speeds.

Dealing with multiple insurance companies can prove to be a headache for the people involved in a chain reaction accident. One company may drag their feet or delay communication until liability is finally assessed. The process can be complicated even further if the at-fault driver does not have insurance or denies they were at-fault. You should definitely consult with an attorney if you were hurt in this type of accident.