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Chapel Hill, NC Crash Victim Calls Distracted Driving a 'Prescription for Tragedy'

A victim of a Chapel Hill, North Carolina (NC), car accident is being proactive about getting drivers to focus more on controling their vehicles and less on distracting activities while behind the wheel. The woman was walking to class one day when she was hit by a car. Witnesses claim the at-fault driver was talking on a cell phone at te time of the wreck, but nothing was ever proven.

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While the victim is unable to remember the details of the 2010 accident, she still suffers headaches, difficulty speaking and fatigue. She has not suffered in silence, however, testifying during a legislative hearing to argue for a ban on cell phone use while driving. The injured woman has also worked in the community to inrease awareness that any other activity done while driving can cause a driver to become distracted and that it only takes a second for a tragedy to occur.

According to NBC 17, teen drivers are among the most likely to cause deadly car accidents because they get distracted. Racognizing this, state troopers are focusing on edcating young drivers about the consequences of distracted driving. Officers are also stepping up enforcement efforts on I-85, I-95 and I-40.

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