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Charles Town WV Targeting Drunk Drivers Produces Results

Drunk driving has long been a problem in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, but local police have been successful lately in making the roads there safer.

The West Virginia State Police in Charles Town was recognized recently for making the highest number of drunk driving arrests in the state last year. They arrested a total of 166 drunk drivers. A state police spokesperson said that due to the high population of the area and the number of bars, the Panhandle sees a higher number of drunk drivers.

Another reason there are more drunk drivers there is the location. Many drunk drivers like to make the quick drive from Maryland or Virginia to Jefferson County, where Charles Town is located. Many bars and nightclubs in the county are open until 3 am.

State police said that over 60% of drunk drivers they catch are from Maryland or Virginia, and some are from DC or Pennsylvania.

Most of the 166 arrests noted above were not made at checkpoints but during routine traffic patrols.

The police are trained to observe the driver’s eyes and to smell for alcohol. Then they pull them out of the car and have them perform sobriety tests.

Their success in the Charles Town area has continued this year, with 63 DUI arrests made as of June 1.

Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to punishing convicted drunk drivers by suing them in civil court for the injuries they cause to innocent bystanders. In every drunk driving lawsuit, we find every possible source of insurance that can be tapped to pay financial damages to the victims.

We applaud the West Virginia State Police for their laudable efforts to reduce the scourge of drunk drivers on West Virginia roads.

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