Charles Wilson Knowles Found Dead On The Scene After Car Accident In Durham, North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A tragic car accident late Monday morning in Durham, North Carolina (NC) claimed the life of Charles Wilson Knowles.

Local Durham, North Carolina (NC) police arrived on the scene and found Charles Wilson Knowles dead. It appears the 90 year old driver had driven off Hope Valley Road near Chelsea Circle and ran his car in to an embankment. Knowles was found dead on the scene by the Durham police.

Fortunately the car accident that took place Monday morning in Durham was a one car accident and no other persons were injured. However, this knowledge is providing little relief from the tragic death of Charles Wilson Knowles.

As a personal injury attorney, I too often see tragic car accidents like this one. While police are still investigating the ultimate cause of the car accident, the life of Knowles has been lost and can not be replaced. Single car accidents such as these remind us all to take a little more caution while driving.

One of the best things a person can do to avoid a similar accident is to remain cautious at all times while driving. By remaining aware of your surroundings you are far less likely run off the roadway. Avoid distractions such as cell phones and MP3 players while you are operating your vehicle as these items can reduce your attention to the road dramatically. Also, if you find yourself growing tired while driving even a short distance, play it safe and pull your car off the roadway until you are more alert. You can fall asleep in an instant while driving.