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Charlotte Drunk Driving Accident Leads to Injuries

Two innocent people are in the hospital due to the reckless behavior of a drunk driver. The intoxicated driver was operating a Mercedes and decided to travel over 100 miles per hour down Interstate 77 (I-77). This led to the drunk driver rear-ending another car followed by slamming into a guard rail.

This drunken driving car accident occurred near Sunset Road in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC),  according to  The at-fault driver and the two people in the other car were taken to the hospital with injuries. The extent of the victim's injuries remains unknown.

Unfortunately, these types of car wrecks are not uncommon in NC. In fact, 500 lives were lost in 2008 due to a drunk driver in NC, according to

Police plan to charge the at-fault driver with a DUI.

If you or a loved one was seriously hurt by a drunk driver, consult with a lawyer about what legal options may be available to you. These types of cases allow an injured person to potentially pursue punitive damages against the at-fault driver. This is additional compensation on top of compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.


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