Charlotte Man Charged In Death In Two Car Wreck

What Happened:

A two car crash in Charlotte, North Carolina, killed a young mother when a Chevy pickup truck ran a stop sign and slammed into a Ford pickup truck at the intersection of Northam and Snead roads. The Ford was smashed at the front driver’s side, which caused the victim to be thrown from the car as it rolled on its side.

The deceased woman’s three children were in the truck with her, as well as a woman friend. Two of the children were treated for injuries at a local hospital, and the friend had neck injuries.

The driver of the Chevy, Erick Apsitis, had his wife in his vehicle, and she suffered a cracked hip. Apsitis had only minor cuts and scrapes.

The driver has been charged with misdemeanor death by a motor vehicle, and failure to stop at a stop sign. He can serve up to 150 days in jail. No drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

This tragic case shows how incredibly important it is for all drivers to pay close attention to all speed limits and road signs. Just one mistake can lead to fatal, life-changing consequences for many people. We extend our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and injured, and we advise them to seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney. The guilty driver can be found liable in a personal injury lawsuit, and all injured parties and the family of the deceased may be entitled to financial restitution.

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