A motorcyclist died from injuries suffered in a head-on collision in the 1900 block of North Tryon Street in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC). The fatal accident occurred around 6:30 am on September 27, 2014, and police have charged the driver of an SUV with causing the motorcycle rider’s death by illegally crossing double yellow lines separating lanes of oncoming traffic.



Crash investigators do not know why the man behind the wheel of the vehicle identified as Chevy Trailblazer left his own lane and wound up in the path of the motorcycle. The at-fault driver did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol or to have been speeding at the time of the wreck. Other explanations include fatigue (especially given the sunrise timing of the accident) and distraction. Police have asked any witnesses to share information by calling (704) 336-8862 or (704) 334-1600.

Bikers have no protection from injuries when crashing with larger vehicles. As a result, car, truck and SUV operators have a great responsibility for sharing the road safely and respectfully with motorcycle riders. Sadly, I know from nearly 30 years helping victims of motorcycle crashes that inflict disabling injuries and cause wrongful deaths that too many drivers act negligently and recklessly in ways that cause tragic accidents.

Avoiding a collision with a motorcyclist can be as easy for a driver as taking an extra split second to scan the road ahead, check the blind spot or look right and left just one more time before turning. Everyone needs to do these things every time.