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Charlotte, NC Teen Injured In Bus Stop Car Wreck

The debate over just how safe school buses actually are has raged for years, but parents need to remember that danger can strike long before kids board a bus. A reminder of this came when a Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) teen was hit by a car while standing at a bus stop.

Police say the driver of a Toyota Camry hit another vehicle while attempting to change lanes, lost control and ran onto the sidewalk where students from East Mecklenberg High School were waiting. A 15-year-old boy was unable to get out the way and suffered serious head injuries when he bounced off the car's windshield and fell into the the roadway. The boy may also have a broken leg.

Our thoughts go out to the recovering student and his family. Police said alcohol and speed were not factors in the crash but have not decided whether to charge the at-fault driver with other offenses.

As North Carolina personal injury attorneys, we sincerely hope this young man receives compensation for the pain inflicted upon him. In days before summer break, he should be spending time by the pool, not in a hospital recovery room.

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