Charlotte North Carolina Girl, Giselle Moquete, Suffering From Severe Injuries After Being Attacked by Neighbor’s Pit Bull. | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A young girl in East Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) was attacked by a Pit Bull today, resulting in injuries that may take months to heal and several dozens stitches.

Jonathan Hall, neighbor to the Moquete family, had brought the Pit Bull to the Moquete home earlier today to see if they were interested in purchasing the dog. Jonathan Hall had received the dog for free from a stranger down the street, and after owning the Pit Bull a day realized he could not keep the dog and offered it to the Moquette family.

Giselle Moquete and her mother were considering taking the Pit Bull and playing with the dog at the time Giselle was attacked. The girl suffered the dog bite when she bent down to pet the dog. According to Jonathan Hall the dog’s personality changed quickly and he latched on to Giselle’s face before anyone could react. Hall was able to pry the dog off the young girl, but not before the dog bite had done severe damage to her face.

Giselle’s mother immediately called 9-1-1 and the girl was taken to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) to treat her injuries. Fortunately, the injuries sustained by the dog bite are not life threatening for Giselle; however, it will take several dozen stitches and a lengthy recovery for the girl to return to normal.

Dog bites and other animal attacks are always tragic for the victims, the dog owners and even the dogs. It is especially heartbreaking when a young child is attacked. While Giselle’s injuries may not be life threatening, they are still very traumatic for a young girl both emotionally and physically.

Even if you do not own a dog in your home, you should still take precautions to avoid accidents such as these happening to yourself or your children. The best thing you can do to prevent a dog bite is to avoid petting, touching, or playing with any animal whose nature you are not certain of, especially animals you have not seen before. If you do own a dog, or are considering getting one, be sure they receive proper training and socializing, so in the event that a stranger is brought into your home there will be little chance of the animal’s personality altering causing them to attack your friends or neighbors.


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