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Chesapeake, VA Personal Injury Lawyer Info: Man Killed by Train in Norfolk

A man's body was found shortly after 3 am pn October 14, 2011, at the railroad tracks at 23rd and Granby streets in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). Investigators are treating the case as an undetermined death and believe the victim was hit and killed by a Norfolk Southern train.

Our thoughts go out to the victim's family and loved ones. Losing someone you love is always difficult, but when an accident this senseless occurred, it's even harder. As a Norfolk injury lawyer, I've seen many train-related accidents. From injured railroad workers to wrecks between cars and trains, I've seen it all. Still, it's never any less tragic to hear news like this.

Statistics show that commuter trains are the most dangerous for pedestrians, simply because more people live, work and commute on such transportation. This incident involves a commercial train from Norfolk Southern, a locally based train-business giant. Train tracks run throughout much of downtown Norfolk. With so many pedestrians, even late at night, it's sadly not surprising that an accident occurred. With the new light rail train tracks on top of Norfolk Southern's tracks, pedestrians must be constantly alert to oncoming trains.

Despite blows of the horn, many pedestrians are often caught off guard by the presence of a train. If you're crossing railroad tracks, always expect a train's presence no matter the time of day. It could save your life.


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