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Checklist for Summer Vehicle Safety

Summer is here and that means vacations and travel. Approximately 70 percent of Americans take to the roads during the summer, with most of them averaging three to four road trips between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. Keeping your vehicle maintained can help avoid the headaches of breaking down. Taking the time to check just a few items could also help prevent a vehicle accident caused by faulty equipment.

How Safe Is Your Vehicle?

Vehicle owners should check the tires once a month, making sure the tires are at the correct pressure. This is important not only for good gas mileage, it’s also important if emergency driving situations should come up. You should also check the tread on the tire, looking for any signs of uneven wear, which could indicate an alignment is needed. And don’t forget to check your spare tire too.

Make sure to change the vehicle’s oil as recommended. You should also check the oil once a month and add oil if necessary.

A problem in the summer months is vehicles overheating. Clean out around the radiator any debris that may have accumulated over the fall and winter months. Flush out and refill the vehicle's coolant system every two years. Periodically check the coolant level and fill if needed. Ideally, the coolant should be a mix of 50 percent anti-freeze and 50 percent water. Radiator caps should be changed every five years.

Have the air conditioning system, as well as the belts and hoses of the coolant system checked by a qualified mechanic at the beginning of the season. Make sure to have other vehicle filters checked and changed if necessary.

Check the windshield wipers and if they are worn out, have them replaced. Dirty windshields can hamper visibility and could cause an accident.

Check all the lights in the vehicle and replace any burnt out bulbs. Also, check the vehicle’s battery to make sure there is not corrosion around the terminals. Clean all the windows and make sure the washer fluid is full.

Inspect the gas cap of the vehicle. If you find any damage, replace it immediately. A broken gas cap can affect the vehicle’s emissions control system.

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