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Chesapeake Head-On Shows Need for Personal Injury Lawyer

Two vehicles collided head-on on Johnstown Road in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), shortly after 5 pm on March 22, 2016. Injuries occurred. The crash occurred on a two-lane road in a residential area of the city just south of the most developed part of Chesapeake. Police continue investigating.



This is literally all the information widely available to the public on the wreck. While Chesapeake police investigators will eventually have to complete an official accident report, the absence of information in the immediate wake of the incident indicates that the exact cause may never be made obvious. Also, the people involved in the head-on collision will need to request and pay for the official report if they wish to file insurance claims that will not be declined for lack of evidence.

But who pays when liability for injuries and property damage is not clearly assigned? First, the Chesapeake police report need not be the final word on why the wreck happened. An independent investigation and input from crash reconstruction experts can produce information that law enforcement official overlooked or discounted as irrelevant. Then, even with additional info, conclusively identifying the at-fault driver may require filing a civil lawsuit and going before a judge to have the court rule on blame and liability for settling claims.

When a follow-up car accident investigation is necessary, an experienced Chesapeake, Virginia, personal injury lawyer can put a client in touch with skilled professionals who can do the work. And, certainly, pursuing a civil lawsuit without advice and support from a dedicated plaintiff's attorney puts a person at an automatic disadvantage. The defendant--the insurance company for the other driver--will definitely have a legal team. Leveling the playing field is the only way to succeed.

Regardless of how the head-on collision in Chesapeake occurred, my Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I wish the people injured full and speedy recoveries. We also stand ready to help find answers and secure compensation if asked.




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