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Chesapeake Personal Injury Lawyer Info: Litigation Continues From Tragic Interstate 81 Truck-Car Wreck

A tragic 2009 truck-car accident that occurred on I-81 in Shenandoah County, Virginia (VA), led to wrongful death claims that were settled for $2.175 million. The claims were filed by the estates of Hilario Guox Vicente, Ramiro Vicente-Atjun and Dennis Lavelle Fayne, and our firm is familiar with the claims because we represent one of the estates in mediation. 

The accident was caused by a truck driver who crashed his tractor-trailer into the Vicentes' Hyundai, which had slowed because of an accident on the highway. The at-fault truck driver and the trucking company that employed him have now filed a $2.175 million federal lawsuit against the parties involved in the highway accident that caused the victims to slow down. The at-fault truck driver is alleging that the parties involved in the first crash were negligent when they had their acident and caused the highway to be blocked.

These types of lawsuits are quite common after a wrongful death claim has been settled or a jury verdict has been entered. The at-fault party tries to find another party involved on whom they can pin financial liability.   

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