A crash in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), late on the night of February 4, 2018, left a car’s passenger dead and a family no doubt searching for answers about filing insurance claims.



According to reports, the deadly two-car collision happened when the driver of the car in which the passenger was riding attempted to turn left from Taylor Road into Taylor Court at around 10:45 pm. Turning there is legal, but the location does not have a stoplight. This arrangement requires drivers to time their turns carefully and for oncoming drivers to watch for turning vehicles.

The passenger’s car was struck by another car travelling straight along Taylor Road. While news reports do not indicate whether anyone else suffered injuries, they do identify the deceased passenger as the 44-year-old assistant principal at Norview Middle School. She died shortly after being transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

Virginia law requires all drivers to yield right of way before making left turns, but the Chesapeake Police Department investigators must look into all the possible causes for this fatal wreck on Taylor Road. The driver of the car going straight may have been speeding, falling asleep at the wheel or distracted, for instance.

Regardless of the conclusions reached by investigators, and even if no charges are ever filed against either driver, the family of the woman who lost her life may have grounds for filing wrongful death insurance claims. Similarly, any other passengers else hurt in the crash could have reasons to file personal injury claims. Auto insurance policies cover passengers for negligence or recklessness by the people giving them rides. This is true even when a driver and passenger are related.

Consulting with an experienced and caring Virginia wrongful death attorney and personal injury lawyer will help all the people affected by this tragedy understand and act on their legal options.

For now, the best outcome from this deadly collision on Taylor Road in Chesapeake will probably be to serve as a reminder to exercise caution while turning across traffic and when approaching intersections. Observing these safe driving rules is especially important at night and in residential areas that lack traffic lights at many corners like the one where this fatal collision occurred. Every location where vehicles can turn left is a potential accident scene. Drivers should act accordingly.