Chesapeake, VA Woman Injured When Pickup Hits Her House

A woman suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment when a pickup truck slammed into her Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), home and sent debris flying through the structure on the morning of October 29, 2015. The crash occurred on Cobblewood Bend, and the man behind the wheel of the out-of-control vehicle also sustained injuries.



A medical emergency may have led the driver to run off the road. News reports did not include specifics, but fainting spells, heart attacks, strokes and other health issues set the stage for many wrecks like this one in Chesapeake, which lawyers and insurers often call fixed-object collisions. When drivers cannot control their own bodies, they cannot steer and brake properly, making a crash into a building much more probable.

Victims of such wrecks should know that experiencing an unexpected loss of consciousness or seizure does not always excuse a driver from liability. Drivers have high legal duties to stay in control, and being healthy enough to keep one's hands on the wheel and one's eyes on the road plays a big role in meeting those duties. Even though a driver who falls ill does not intend to cause property damage or inflict injuries, he or she can still be found negligent and made to pay compensation.

If the insurance company for the pickup truck driver does attempt to deny claims on the grounds of a sudden medical emergency, the injured woman and home owner should consult with a Virginia personal injury lawyer to explore options for countering such denials.


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