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Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Reports: Chesapeake Hit-and-Run Injures Security Guard

A female security guard was hit by what appeared to be an intoxicated driver at the Holly Point apartments in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA).

The driver of a truck who appeared to be driving recklessly tried to enter into the complex. When the security guard went to speak with the driver, he struck her with his truck and continued in. The truck, described as dark in color and covered in mud, then drove back out of the apartments without stopping.

As a
Virginia personal injury attorney, I know that any traffic accident is frightening. This victim is most likely scared if not seriously injured, and I know her family must be outraged. It's not just a car accident that this victim suffered through because an accident is something that is not done intentionally, a hit and run such as this is an assault with a deadly weapon. 

How will this victim find recovery for her injuries if the driver of the truck is never found? That is a question many hit-and-run victims ask our law firm's experienced attorneys. The answer is an easy one: 
The pedestrian's car insurance covers the injuries in the case of an underinsured or unidentified driver

We handled an injured pedestrian case in Virginia Beach that was similar. The clients were awarded $540,000 after being struck by an intoxicated driver in crosswalk. Critical to the injured clients' successfully prosecuting their claim was the fact that they retained a law firm quickly, and our law firm had the entire scene of the accident carefully and thoroughly photographed within several weeks of the accident.


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