The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on July 12, 2012, announced the recall of nearly 500,000 Chicco Polly High Chairs sold in the United States and Canada since January 2005. Federal regulators have received more than 20 reports of young children suffering cuts and bruises when falling onto uncovered pegs designed to hold the feeding tray when it’s not being used. One youngster suffered a lacerated cornea, and several other youngsters have been cut badly enough to need stitches.

Chicco Polly has set up a webpage at where parents who own the potentially unsafe high chairs can order free peg covers. The company lists 26 models and brands of the Polly chair as being subject to the recall.



The Virginia Defective and Dangerous Products Lawyers’ Perspective

The CPSC publicizes recalls of dangerous and defective products almost every day. A regrettably large number of those announcements concern items designed for baby, toddler and child care and play. Companies that make products have a high degree of corporate responsibility for ensuring the items they sell to parents are as safe and well-made as possible. On a nearly daily basis, however, we are reminded that corporations place profits above child safety.


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