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Child Critically Injured Walking to School in Virginia Beach

After getting hit by a car near the intersection of Baxter Road and Kenley Road, a Virginia Beach, VA, school student went to the hospital with critical injuries. Police released few details about what caused the accident that occurred just before 7 am on January 12, 2015, but video of the scene shot by WAVY-TV 10 shows rain, traffic signals and a crosswalk. Investigators must determine whether the young victim or the driver had the right of way by virtue of having a green light in their direction, and also whether wet pavement or bad weather contributed to causing the crash.



Pedestrian accidents constitute the second most-common cause of injuries and deaths for children traveling to and from school. While, thankfully, such crashes are rare, the wrecks leave families devastated when they do occur. All drivers on the road during the morning and afternoon must watch for children, and not just at bus stops or in school zones. Anywhere there is a house, there may also be young kids and teens crossing streets and along the shoulders.

Having represented people of all ages hit and injured while using crosswalks and sidewalks for nearly 30 years, I know that Virginia Beach is not always the friendliest place for pedestrians. Speed limits on streets through neighborhoods tend to be high, and too many intersections lack crossing signals. Those conditions place responsibilities on both walkers and drivers to share the road safely. However, people need to recognize the damage they can do while behind the wheel and exercise extra caution when driving through areas where they are likely to encounter pedestrians.


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