Child Dies in Car/Train Tragedy in Virginia

A three year-old child died after a car and train collided at a railroad crossing yesterday in Elliston, Virginia (VA). Police stated that three children and their father were in the vehicle.

The accident happened on Reese Mountain Road. Police also said that the railroad crossing is marked with signs but there are no lights or gate.

All of the children were taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital with serious injuries.

Railroad crossing accidents are far too common in the US today, and most of them are completely avoidable. Our personal injury law firm frequently represents train crash accident victims, and we take it as our duty to properly represent their legal rights in court.


We once worked on a personal injury case similar to the story above, where a driver drove his children over railroad tracks in Prince William County. A freight train slammed into the left front of the car and caused serious injuries to the two children. The father was uninjured.


The mother, who was not in the vehicle, retained our firm in a civil lawsuit against the father on behalf of her two children.


Our firm did a complete investigation of the accident scene. We determined that the train crew had not blown a whistle or horn as it approached the crossing, but this was not mandated by state or federal law. The father claimed that he did not see the train until the last second.


Our legal team studied VA common law and various circumstances of the case, and we eventually demanded settlement from the husband’s insurance company, and also from the train company, Norfolk Southern.


We were able to reach a settlement from all insurance companies for approximately $130,000. This is what can be accomplished by an experienced and tenacious personal injury firm. 

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