Child Dies in Ohio Train Crossing Crash

A nine-year old child died in Iberia, OH over the weekend and his father injured when their car was hit by a CSX train at a railroad crossing.


The father was taken to Grant Hospital in Columbus for his injuries, and the child was pronounced dead at the crash scene.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol stated that the crash happened on County Road 32 on Saturday morning. The car was going south on the road and it crossed the tracks when it was hit by a westbound train.

The railroad crossing has no gates, and the police cautioned drivers to be very careful when near railroad tracks. They noted that in rural areas, many train crossings have no safety gates.

As train crash personal injury attorneys, we often represent the injured and the families of the deceased in such tragic accidents. Trains hitting cars leads to horrifying injuries, and it is very important for the rights of the innocent to be protected.

 In a case a few years ago, a car went over a railroad crossing and was hit by a freight train. The children were not killed, but one of the boys suffered facial and head injuries.

We were retained by the mother of the children. Our investigation determined that the train crew was not required by law to blow its horn, so they did nothing wrong. We eventually made a demand for settlement from the father’s insurance company, and reached a settlement satisfactory to our client. 

In all train crossing situations, it is imperative that all drivers use extreme caution. No matter who is eventually found at fault, a train hitting a car usually leads to devastating consequences for the passengers.


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