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Child Fatally Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver in Chester, SC

An elementary school bus stop in Chester, South Carolina (SC), became the site of a deadly hit-and-run accident on the morning of October 28, 2015. A driver struck a fifth-grader at the intersection of Ashford Street and Dye Street and fled the scene. The boy survived the collision but succumbed to his injuries after being transported to the hospital.



The area where the at-fault driver ran into the schoolchild and inflicted the critical injuries is a two-lane rural highway that lacks shoulders. People behind the wheels of cars and trucks have little room for error, and watching out for individuals along the side of the road is essential. It is unclear why the accident occurred, but it seems possible that the at-fault driver just drifted over the edge of the pavement. Such a lapse of attention and control could easily prove fatal, and that sad outcome did result.

Police told reporters that they had identified and questioned the person who may have caused the hit-and-run crash. Whatever the reason that individual had for striking the child, he or she must answer criminally and morally for failing to stop and render whatever aid was possible to the dying child. No one should ever drive off after being involved a crash; fleeing after hitting a child at a bus stop is particularly poor behavior.

If the driver being investigated turns out to be the hit-and-run motorist, that individual must be held accountable under the law and through an insurance claims or civil lawsuit process. Taking a life obligates a driver to accept appropriate penalties and make compensation.


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