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Child Hit by SUV in West Virginia (WV)

As a Virginia (VA) and West Virginia (WV) personal injury attorney, as well as a father I know that personal injury cases involving children are very different than adult cases. A lot of emotions play out when a child is injured or killed due to someone's negligence. Also, there may be long-lasting medical consequences from the accident that are unknown at this time depending on the age of the child.

I can only imagine how petrified the parents of a 7-year-old girl were when an SUV barreled around a corner in Raleigh County, WV, and slammed into the girl as she was running down a driveway to get into her parents waiting car. The SUV was towing an empty car trailer and came around a curve in the road and immediately upon the stopped car. The driver could not stop in time and swerved to miss the car. The SUV flipped and sideswiped the stopped car and hit the little girl.


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There is no word if the driver of the SUV was speeding, but it is oblivious that he was driving in a manner that left him unable to stop on a curving road while towing a trailer. Drivers should drive at a speed and with enough caution in a manner to stop their car if a problem appears in the roadway. We hope the little girl can recover fully from this terrible car accident.

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