Child in Critical Condition after West Virginia Wrong-Way Crash | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A wrong-way crash in Huntington, West Virginia (WV) left a 7-year-old boy in critical condition, even days after the accident occurred. A pickup truck driving the wrong way entered Interstate 64 (I-64) going the wrong direction and wound up crashing into a family’s vehicle.

According to Herald Dispatch, the family of five, from Huntersville, North Carolina (NC), was on their way toChicago for a vacation, but the crash abruptly ended those plans. As a result, a young boy is fighting for his life.

The investigation is still ongoing as police try to figure out what caused the wrong-way crash. Investigators believe that the pickup truck was actually traveling the wrong way for quite a bit of time before the wreck occurred. The interstate remained closed for over seven hours while the accident was investigated.

This is a tragic accident caused by a driver’s reckless decision to operate his vehicle in the wrong lane. The family of five should consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer in West Virginia (WV) to discuss their legal options.

To learn more about just how dangerous wrong-way accidents can be, take a moment to read this article which was written by an experienced injury lawyer who is licensed in West Virginia.


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