Child Killed After Pickup Runs Red Light in Norfolk, VA

A collision between a pickup truck and a minivan in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), left a 9-year-old boy dead and a 7-year-old boy critically injured. Three adults also suffered innjuries in the crash at the intersection of W. 27th Street and Llewellyn Avenue on the night of February 1, 2016.



According to an eyewitness, the pickup driver ran a red left without slowing down, speculating that the at-fault driver was distracted. Police investigating the deadly wreck did not announce a cause, but they did confirm that neither alcohol nor drugs played a role. Also, neither of the drivers involved appeared to be speeding.

The deceased and injured children had been riding in the minivan. Both were ejected from that vehicle when the pickup slammed into the side of the minivan. Their mother was taken to the hospital for treatment, while the allegedly at-fault truck driver and his passenger were treated by emergency responders at the scene of the accident. Evidence collected by investigators has been turned over to a commonwealth's attorney, and charges may be filed.

Running a red light can be easy for a driver who has taken their eyes and mind off the road. Distractions abound, ranging from using a cell phone to changing the radio station and eating. Such explanations cannot be accepted as excuses, however, because the consequences of not paying attention to stop signals and changing traffic conditions can be so severe. Even a few seconds off distraction behind the wheel can end a life.


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