One child is fighting for life and a second remains in an Henrico County, Virginia (VA), hospital with serious injuries after a car left Three Chopt Road near Richmond and tore through the bedroom in which they were sleeping on the evening of October 5, 2014. A woman who had laid down to rest alongside the young kids also suffered injuries when she became trapped under the car that had run out of control.



Police did not release information on what may have caused the driver to hit the apartment building in which the victims were residing. Having practiced as a Virginia personal injury lawyer for several years, I know that investigators will have to consider speeding, impairment by drugs or alcohol, falling asleep behind the wheel, a medical emergency and distraction. Regardless of the cause, the person behind the wheel likely bears liability for hurting and hospitalizing the two kids and the woman who were in the building.

Accidents in which vehicles hit structures occur more frequently than most people realize. Deaths and critical injuries to people inside the structures are less common. As this wreck illustrates, however, deadly risks exist whenever a reckless or negligent driver fails to avoid a collision with the wall of an occupied home, office or store.