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Children Injured in Car Accident: North Carolina School Bus Accident

If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere and end up being stuck behind a school bus, just take a deep breath.  Where ever you are going is not as important as the lives and safety of the children on that school bus.  Just as important is observing all traffic signs around and in a school zone. 

Recently a serious car accident in Angier, North Carolina (NC) proved just how important it is to obey these traffic signs.  At the intersection of Greenleaf Road and N.C. Highway 50, near McGee's Crossroads Elementary School a car that was leaving the school failed to yield.  A chain reaction of events followed; the car was hit by a truck pulling a trailer. Both vehicles then ran into the school bus, which was stopped on N.C. 50 waiting to turn into the school.  The end result for that moment of inattention or impatience was that 15 young elementary students were injured and taken to the hospital. 

I can think of nothing more terrifying for a parent than to receive word that my child has been injured.  Our North Carolina (NC) car accident injury lawyers often answer these types of questions from concerned parents.

·         What is the legal process for filing a personal injury claim for a minor?

·         What can be recovered for a permanent injury, scar, or catastrophic injury?

·         Can the money recovered be used for medical bills or expenses, and when?


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Another issue that might arise is that the at-fault driver may be underinsured since there were so many people injured in this accident.  These are the situations where underinsured driver/motorist coverage comes into play (adjusters and injury lawyers refer to as UIM coverage).  When a child is injured, speaking with a personal injury attorney is always a wise step as an injury may affect their quality of life for years to come.



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