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Children Injured in Mississippi School Bus Crash With a Logging Truck Accident

Posted on Dec 05, 2011

Many people know the bus driver who picks up their kids each morning. At the very least, many parents give the driver a friendly wave or a hello in the morning and afternoon. When a child is a passenger on a school bus and is injured, many would hope that it was the other drivers' fault.

Officials are not sure yet what caused an 
accident in Winona, Mississippi (MS), between a school bus and a logging truck, but it looks as if the bus driver may have pulled out in front of the truck. Sun in the driver’s eyes is the speculated cause of the accident. The crash sent seven students to the hospital, two in critical condition and three in stable condition.

As a Virginia (VA) car accident attorney and mother, I know that some parents may feel guilty pursuing legal compensation for their children's injuries from the school bus driver. They must rest assured, though, that they are not suing the school bus driver. The school’s insurance policy hoder would be the company that provided compensation.

When your child is hurt, you need to hire the best, most-experienced lawyer you can. Your kids are counting on you.


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