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Children Injured in West Charlotte Car Crash

What Happened:

According to a recent report out of WBTV, eight people have been injured in a car crash that happened in west Charlotte. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says that the accident occurred just before 6 p.m. earlier this week. The collision happened at the intersection of West Boulevard and Old Steele Creek Road.

Sadly, two children were among the eight people injured in the crash. Thankfully for the families of the kids, both children were reported to have non-life threatening injuries. They were both taken to the hospital and are being treated. Another victim of the car crash was transported to the hospital with what police have said were potentially life-threatening injuries. Six of those people injured in the accident were taken to CMC Main, and the other two were taken to Presbyterian Main.

The accident involved a car and an SUV and police report both vehicles were heavily damaged. The accident happened at rush hour causing traffic delays for commuters in the area. Police have so far remained quiet about the cause of the accident or if any charges will be filed as a result.

The North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Though a cause has not yet been determined, distracted driving in busy rush hour traffic is an all too common cause of such collisions. If it’s eventually determined that one of the driver’s was not devoting his or her full attention to the road then there could be civil liability for the injuries sustained by others involved in the crash.

Though the injuries are certainly serious, news reports thankfully indicate that the children are not in life-threatening danger. While it’s wonderful news for their family and friends that the damage was not worse, it is important to remember that even non-life-threatening injuries can affect a victim for the rest of his or her life. Given the risk associated with such injuries, it may be helpful to contact a North Carolina car accident attorney to determine what long-term effects might be expected and if the victim should file a claim for compensation for their resulting injuries. 

Helpful Info:

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