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Chrysler Enacts Two Separate Vehicle Recalls Affecting Over 800,000 Cars

Virginia car accident injury recall lawyersChrysler Group LLC has enacted two separate recalls covering nearly one million affected vehicles; one recall concerns 560,000 cars with defective passenger restraints; the restraints are intended to prevent neck injuries in the event of a car accident by automatically moving forward if a vehicle is rear-ended. The other recall is intended to repair nearly 300,000 minivans with malfunctioning side air bags


The enormous recalls come on the heels of another recall by Chrysler earlier this summer in which the auto group, after pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, recalled just under 2 million of its Jeep vehicles because of concerns over a potential fire hazard from an ill-placed gas tank. All told, Chrysler has issued eleven separate recalls since early June due to potential hazards and reported injuries stemming from their vehicles’ designs. 


A defective product design can cause terrible accidents and devastating injuries; when the malfunction concerns a safety feature such as an airbag, the harm to drivers and passengers can be even worse. If you’ve been injured by a faulty product, you should consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer in order to reclaim the compensation to which you are entitled. The injury attorneys at our Virginia and Carolina based law firm have handled many cases over the years regarding faulty and defective products.  To see one of our case results regarding faulty vehicles, you can click here to read about a settlement we secured for a client who was injured due to a defective ski boat design which left him with permanent nerve damage

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