The Story: The car manufacturer Chrysler Group has refused to issue a recall of two of its Jeep models after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found a dangerous defect in the vehicles’ gas tanks, according to The gas tanks are located behind the rear axles of the vehicles, which Chrysler claims are a perfectly-safe and commonly-used location. However, there have been a large number of “fire crashes” from the vehicles—201 with Grand Cherokees, and 36 from the Libertys—which prompted the Center for Auto Safety to request the NHSTA investigate the matter. The cost of the recall and repair is estimated at no more than $300,000,000.


Car manufacturers have a serious responsibility to ensure that the vehicles they produce are safe for the road, especially in cases of accidents. The number of fires related to these vehicles is disturbingly high, and Chrysler should be taking seriously its duty to ensure that no unsafe vehicles are on the road. Last year, Ford was required to recall 11,000 of its SUVs due to a faulty throttle, and it would be advisable that Chrysler follow the same path if its vehicles’ gas tanks are truly defective. 


Dangerous products, in general, should be recalled as quickly as it is found out that they pose a risk to consumers. Many companies will attempt to deny an injured person’s claim had anything to do with their product, but individuals are harmed every day by faulty manufacturing and dangerous merchandise. Businesses, especially those whose products are nationwide or international, need to take responsibility for their faulty designs and products, but unfortunately, not all of them do; that is why, if you have been injured by a device or purchase that should have been safe, you should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney to argue your case and secure your legal redress. An injury lawyer is familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding consumer protection and will be able to help you in your fight to win just compensation due to a company’s negligence. 


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