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Chrysler’s Troubles Continue With Over 50,000 Defective Vehicles Recalled

The Story: On the heels of an already-massive recall affecting over 800,000 vehicles, Chrysler has called back 51,477 of its Dodge Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee models due to defective and potentially-dangerous designs.

The recall covers three different models: the 2012 Ram 1500, which may experience electronic stability control failure; the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which may experience headlight failure (a violated of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards); and another round of 2012 Dodge Rams, which suffer from a faulty bolt attachment connecting the track bar to the frame.

Chrysler most recently issued a recall for over 800,000 vehicles due to defective passenger restraints and faulty side airbags; earlier, the auto group had also been forced to recall almost 2,000,000 of its Jeep line of vehicles after pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of a fire risk from a faultily-placed gas tank. The NHTSA recently declared that in order to avoid an investigation or potential recall from the federal agency, automobile manufacturers would have to say “within the zone of reasonable risk” as far as car defects go.

A faultily-designed car should not be allowed on the road; even the slightest defect can cause serious injures and death, to say nothing of the substantial defect of something such as electronic stability control failure. If you’ve been injured by a poorly- or improperly-designed automobile, you should consider speaking to an injury lawyer. The personal injury attorneys at our Virginia (VA)-based law firm have years of experience in handling defective product lawsuits, and we know how to fight for you in order to secure the compensation to which you are entitled due to a product liability lawsuit.

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