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Clover, SC Woman Killed in Road Rage Wreck

On July 10, 2011, a severe case of road rage shattered the lives of a North Carolina (NC) family returning home from vacation. Cynthia Bolch, a resident of Gastonia, NC, was driving a Ford Escape north on Interstate 95 with her mother, Jean Leonard, and young nephew when a white vehicle began repeatedly rear-ending them, according to the Gaston Gazette.

Bolch lost control of the car, and it flipped, ejecting all three passengers. Unfortunately, Leonard died instantly from her injuries. My deepest sympathies go out to her family and friends.

In addition to losing her mother, Bolch suffered extensive injuries including fractured ribs, a broken collarbone, and punctured lungs. These injuries will probably take months to heal. Leonard’s son, Jason Rowe, witnessed the hit-and-run and according to him, the at-fault driver rammed into the SUV at least three times before leaving the scene.

Leonard’s family is still searching for answers, as it is unclear what caused the at-fault driver to so violently and deliberately crash into the SUV. Road rage is defined by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, as acts of aggression by drivers, often due to misunderstandings. However, Rowe said he did not witness any prior interactions with the driver, which raise the question of what the at-fault driver was trying to achieve by repeatedly hitting the victim’s car?

Hopefully, the at-fault driver will be apprehended and both the police and Leonard’s family can find answers and justice for this tragic NC car accident.

As my colleague, Carolina personal injury lawyer Emily Mapp Brannon noted in her article on the dangers of road rage, car accidents as a result of road rage are becoming far too common. She provides several tips for remaining calm and collected when driving so car accidents like these can be avoided. It may be hot outside, but that is no excuse to lose your cool.


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