Hip Lawsuit Filed by Colorado (CO) Woman

We typically don't think of medical devices as "products" that need to be evaluated for safety and quality. When the doctors put them into our bodies, we never see them again, and hope they work as they as are designed to. But when those designs have flaws, terrible things can happen. Just take a look:

A product liability lawsuit was filed against the makers of the Wright Profemur-Z Total Hip System by a Colorado (CO) woman. After the Wright Conserve Plus cup used in her hip replacement surgery failed to properly attach to the hip, it left part of the device loose in her body, according to the plaintiff, Janet Pommrehn. 

As per the complaint, Pommrehn received a Wright Profemur-Z Total Hip System in her left hip. Part of the implant was an acetabular cup called the Wright Conserve Plus. The cup was supposed to fuse with her hip bone over time. Instead, however, design defects caused the cup to fail to fuse. As a result, Pommrehn experienced intense pain in her hip, and eventually required revision surgery.

Clearly, this product should never have been marketed if the design flaw caused such horrendous medical complications. This woman obviously deserves compensation for the pain that she had to go through, as well as the costs of her second surgery and recuperation time.

If you are in a similar situation concerning a medical device or defective product, contact our firm.

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