What Happened

Kevin Kopec was a 41-year-old resident of Colington, a town in the Outer Banks region of North Carolina (NC). Mr. Kopec was enjoying a ride on his motorcycle when his life came to an abrupt and tragic end. A chain reaction accident occurred when a pickup truck, traveling east on Colington Road, suddenly stopped to make a left turn near Billy’s Seafood, according to outerbanksvoice.com.

A minivan reportedly stopped behind the truck and Mr. Kopec’s motorcycle hit the van. This caused his motorcycle to be propelled into the westbound lane. Mr. Kopec was thrown from the motor bike on to the road. He was then hit by a pickup truck.

Below is a map of Colington Road in the Outer Banks region of North Carolina:

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The North Carolina Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Kopec family. Losing a loved one is never easy, but the pain is that much worse when the loss is sudden and unexpected. Unfortunately, many chain reaction accidents result in serious injuries and/or lives lost due to the presence of multiple vehicles traveling at various speeds colliding at, or around, the same time.

The Kopec family should consider speaking to a North Carolina wrongful death attorney to discuss their legal options. The facts available about the accident are quite sparse at this point, but that doesn’t mean a legal recourse is unavailable for the family. There would need to be an investigation into whether the minivan came to a sudden, abrupt stop that prevented Mr. Kopec from braking in time to avoid a collision. The same issue arises with the pickup truck that struck Mr. Kopec. How fast was the truck traveling? Did the driver fail to see Mr. Kopec on the road? These questions remain unanswered.  

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