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Collision in Caroline County, VA Claims Pickup Driver's Life

An April 2, 2012, accident in Caroline County, Virginia (VA), claimed the life of a 60-year-old man. According to the Free Lance-Star, the victim was driving his pickup truck on Countyline Church Road when the driver of car on intersecting Gatewood Drive lost control of her vehicle and collided with his Ford F-150.

The impact sent the man's truck off the road, and he was ejected from the pickup. He died from injuries at the scene, and police have charged the at-fault driver with reckless driving.

View a larger map of where an out-of-control car hit a pickup in Carolinae County, VA.

Why the woman behind the wheel of the car that ran out of control was unable to avoid the collision is unknown. Possible causes crash investigators will have to consider include impairment by drugs or alcohol, a mechanicl problem, poor road or weather conditions, and a medical emergency. Regardless of the findings and whether the reckless driving charge results in a conviction, the undeniable facts are that a man has died and his friends and family have lost a loved one.

As Virginia wrongful death attorneys, my colleagues and I know that fatal traffic accidents cannot always be avoided. We also know that when another driver is clearly found to be at fault for taking the life of another person, compensation through insurance is due to the victim's survivors.

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