What Happened: A bicyclist in Richmond, Virginia’s East End was injured after his bicycle was hit by a police cruiser, reports timesdispatch.com. The cyclist passed a stopped vehicle on the street and ended up partially underneath the police car; he was then taken to nearby VCU Medical Center for the injuries he sustained to his leg. The officer was reported to have sustained no injuries, and at the time of this posting, the accident was still under investigation. 


The accident occurred here, at the intersection of North 23rd Street and Fairfield Avenue: 


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Accidents involving cyclists and motorists have the potential to be particularly injurious; a bike is no match for the power and the bulk of any type of motor vehicle. Just last year we learned of a terrible accident in Richmond that claimed the life of another cyclist; the bike rider was hit by a truck, but the potential for injury and death is no less if the vehicle is a car or even a motorcycle. The cyclist who was injured by the police cruiser should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney, as he may have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the police department’s insurance company, depending on the outcome of the investigation; those injured by at-fault drivers can claim damages for loss of income, hospital and medical bills, and other expenses that result from being injured in a car accident. 


Even if you’re not riding a bike, cycling still carries a host of risks not associated with “normal” motor vehicle operation. A recent study indicated that last year (2012) may set an all-time record for motorcycle injuries on the road. While there are safety steps that can be taken, such as wearing a helmet, the truth is that cyclists, be they on motorbikes or chain-and-pedal bikes, simply don’t have some of the advantages of car and truck drivers, such as seat belts and more protection between motor vehicles. Both cyclists and motor vehicle operators should take care on the road to ensure there are no accidents involving bikes (or any accidents of any kind, for that matter). 


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