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Collision With Turning Semi Kills 2, Injures 1 in SUV

A tractor-trailer driver's wide right turn on the night of December 20, 2016, set the stage for a fatal collision with an SUV on Virginia's Eastern Shore. The deadly wreck happened on Route 13 through the Northampton County town of Capeville. The semi operator was reportedly attempting to enter a parking lot located between Siding Road and Mattie Avenue.



The driver and front seat passenger in the SUV died at the scene. A woman in the back seat of the smaller vehicle survived with serious injuries after the SUV crashed into the side of the tractor-trailer.

State police kept their investigation into the incident through at least the following day. They will need to recreate as much of the scene as possible in order to determine which driver caused the wreck. For instance, the semi driver may have failed to check his blind spots to see if the SUV was riding alongside his trailer. If that turns out to be the case, the injured SUV passenger and the family of the deceased couple could seek compensation and other damages by filing insurance claims against the truck driver for being negligent.

Other findings from the police investigation could also make filing insurance claims or pursuing a civil lawsuit possible. Consulting with an empathetic Virginia wrongful death attorney will help the grieving family and recovering woman stay fully informed of the crash investigation. A legal representative will also be able to explain all the legal options available and to assist with enforcing the victims' rights.


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