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Comedian Tracy Morgan Slowly Recovering from Brain Injury

Comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a six car wreck in New Jersey in June 2014. Since then, he has had to put a hold on his career as he has been recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as a broken leg, nose and ribs.

His recovery has been slow and painful, but he was spotted in public in December using a walker. Previously, he had been seen in a wheelchair. So it appears that Morgan is slowly on the road to recovery.

What is not entirely clear is how severe Morgan’s TBI is. Brain injuries can be of varying degrees of severity. A mild TBI is basically a concussion, where the sufferer may feel dizzy or confused and/or experience headaches. In this milder case of TBI, the brain usually will recover with time.

However, it seems more likely in Morgan’s case that he suffered a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury. These types of TBIs are measured on the 15 point scale known as the Glasgow Coma Scale. Doctors use this system to assess your level of cognition after an accident. It generally measures how long the victim loses consciousness. A score of 13-15 is normal, while a severe score is less than eight.

Even after a more severe brain injury, the organ still can recover. Doctors say that the blood, swelling and toxic chemicals and hormones in the brain take a long time to recede. Usually the maximum recovery occurs in approximately two years.

So, it is hard to say exactly how much Morgan will recover, given that it has been only six months. Still, it is encouraging to see that he is able to move about with a walker.

We are glad to see that Morgan is recovering from his accident. No matter the severity of a brain injury, it is important to make sure that you receive fair compensation from the person or entity that caused the injury. We have worked with many TBI sufferers in our personal injury practice. In one case, we had a CSX engineer who was struck in the head by a valve from an exploding engine. The injury did not show on an MRI, but we were able to show that our client suffered from a mild TBI. Eventually, we settled the case for $356,000.

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