Commuter Train Hits Tractor Trailer in CA

A Metrolink commuter train in Oxnard, CA derailed today after smashing into a tractor trailer that was on the railroad tracks.

Police say that four cars derailed and at least 30 people have gone to the hospital. One person may have died but that has not been confirmed at press time.

Train cars were turned over beside the tracks, and tarps were laid down to treat those who were injured.

Video from the scene showed that there were dozens of firefighters and EMTs on the scene.

Three of the cars that derailed had what is called a ‘crash energy management system’ that is designed to absorb the shock of a crash to minimize passenger injuries.

Our personal injury law firm often works on both train derailment cases and tractor trailer crashes. When a wreck involves both a train and a big rig, the results can be a disaster.

When trains and trucks collide at railroad crossings, the crash investigation is complex. We once worked on a case where a car was hit on railroad tracks in Virginia. The two children in the backseat were injured. The father was driving the two children, and a suit was brought against him by the mother, who was not in the car. That case was quite complex, and we ended up with a sizable settlement from the driver and his insurance company, as well as from Norfolk Southern.

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