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Congressman Sues Food Company Over Tooth Damage From Olive

Olives are meant to be good for your health but biting into one left Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), down in the mouth and filing a lawsuit for dental damages, the Daily Beast reports.

Kucinich is suing a congressional cafeteria for $150,000 following an April 2008 lunchtime incident involving an unpitted olive in a sandwich wrap he was eating. The two-time presidential candidate claimed in the lawsuit that he bit into the pit, causing him to sustain dental damages.

Kucinich is demanding $150,000 in damages from Restaurant Associates and three other companies for allegedly causing him "serious and permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures" as well as "significant pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment."

Our firm deals with a number of cases involving damage to teeth or medical malpractice cases involving dentists.

Chipped or cracked teeth are common occurrences in car accidents, for example. The loss of teeth can also be a byproduct of medical malpractice. In the 1990s our firm was involved in a harrowing case involving a 31-year-old who underwent obesity-reducing gastric bypass surgery in December 1996 by a surgeon in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA), and ultimately endured a medical nightmare, that involved the loss of all her teeth.

The woman was awarded a $550,000.00 settlement during mediation in the case against Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia (VA).

Last year we reported on the case of a Tampa, Florida (FL), woman who is suing her oral surgeon after the surgeon lost and left a one-inch steel drill bit inside her sinus cavity. Drugs may also pose a danger during oral treatments. A Montana (MT) resident recently sued the makers of Zometra, a drug she took to prevent the loss of bone mass in her jaw. She developed a condition called osteonecrosis which causes lose teeth, gum tissue and bone in the lower jaw. She was awarded $3.2 million by a jury.

If you have lost teeth or suffered jaw problems and you believe a dentist, a car driver or even food in a lunchroom may be to blame call our attorneys now.

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