A West Virginia couple is suing a hospital and two doctors after a dirt bike accident led to a severe knee infection. The couple says that the hospital should have recognized the danger of an infection and prescribed IV antibiotics to prevent an infection from taking hold.

Matthew Summerfield and his wife are suing Charleston Area Medical Center, Dr. Molly John and Dr. Brandon Kyle Robinson for medical malpractice.

According to court records and the West Virginia Record, Summerfield was on a camping trip near Charleston in July 2008 when he was injured in a dirt bike accident. During the accident, the man was dragged across rocky terrain and received two serious cuts on his leg and knee area. At the hospital, he was given medicine for the pain and an oral antibiotic to fight off infection. He was released after the doctors cleaned his wounds.

The next day, the wound became infected and began leaking pus. Summerfield, who was suffering from agonizing pain, went to a different medical center where he was placed on IV antibiotics and had his cuts cleaned once again. Summerfield, who filed his case in Kanawha Circuit Court, says that he should have never experienced the infection and that he had asked for further testing that was denied at Charleston Area Medical Center.

His WV medical malpractice case asks for compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering – putting forth that Charleston Area Medical Center did not understand the danger of infection to his wounds and that they did not pick a reasonable treatment plan for his injuries.