Crane Collapse Injured Two in Alexandria, Virginia (VA)

What Happened

Two men were injured when the crane they operated tipped over onto the roof of a church.

The accident happened in the 8000 block of Fort Hunt Road. The crane was reported to have fallen onto the steeple of the church. Both operators were taken to the hospital with personal injuries.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

This accident could have been far worse, the workers are very fortunate they were not more seriously injured. The two workers should immediately contact a Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyer to investigate the accident. The workers may be able to file a personal injury claim against either the manufacturer of the crane or the company the men are employed by to receive compensation for their injuries. An example of why a claim could be filed against the manufacturer would be if a defective or improperly installed part was put in at the time of assembly. If a claim were to be filed against the worker’s employer, it would have to be proven that maintenance of the crane was ignored or the company knew the crane was defective and negligently sent the men to work anyway. Quickly hiring a Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney would assure investigators would be able to inspect the crane before anything could be tampered with. Companies that do not want to take responsibility for an accident have been known to repair, or replace a malfunctioning part to absolve any liability for the accident before anyone has a chance to look at the equipment.

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