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Crash Caused by Norfolk, VA School Bus Driver Injures 3 Adults

Three adults suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment when a school bus collided with an SUV and created a secondary crash in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). The chain-reaction wreck occurred on the morning of May 19, 2015, at the intersection of Mona Avenue and East Little Creek Road.



Police told WAVYTV 10 that the school bus driver failed to stop at a red light before attempting to turn left from the side street on to Little Creek. The Norfolk Public Schools bus has just begun picking up students to take them to Camp Allen Elementary School. The one child aboard did not suffer an injury, and all the adults involved are expected to survive.

It remains unclear why the bus driver entered the intersection against the light. Possible explanations include getting blinded by sunlight, becoming distracted by a cell phone or GPS device, or simply not exercising enough patience. People behind the wheels of all types of vehicles of all sizes regularly try to beat yellow lights and cheat stop signs just because they do not want to wait through another traffic cycle.

None of the reasons would count as excuses that absolve the bus operator from responsibility for acting either negligently or reckless. The bus driver needs to wear sunglasses and use visors to minimize glare, and he or she must remain focused on the road ahead and traffic flows at all times. Even more, the bus driver has legal obligations to obey stop signs and red lights, especially when transporting children. Taking risks with other people’s physical health and lives to save a few minutes on morning or afternoon rounds cannot be accepted as standard operating procedure.


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