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Crash Caused by Semi Turning Left Injures 2 Virginia Women

A car's driver and her passenger suffered serious injuries in a crash in Stanley, Virginia (VA), that is being blamed on a tractor-trailer driver. The accident occurred at the intersection of Business U.S. 340 and Shuler Lane in Page County. According to law enforcement officials, the trucker was attempting a left turn off the highway, and the car was traveling straight.



Virginia State Police charged the commercial truck driver with reckless driving after the two victims were transported to hospitals for emergency medical care. According to the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record, the woman behind the wheel of the car needed to be airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center.

News reports did not indicate why the tractor-trailer driver turned in front of and cut off the car. Because the accident happened at around 5 am, the trucker may have been fatigued from lack of sleep. Another possibility is that the semi operator allowed himself to get distracted by communication or GPS devices as he started his route or completed a delivery. Regardless of why he failed to see the smaller vehicle and yield right of way before turning, the result was an avoidable accident that could have proven fatal.

Simply because their trucks are so large and heavy and can do so much damage to property and people, truck drivers have high responsibilities to operate safely and drive cautiously. Even a small lapse in attention or a minor miscalculation of other vehicles' distance and speed can set the stage for tragedy.


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