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Crash Caused by Tractor-Trailer Driver on North Carolina-Tennessee Border Injures at Least 20

The sheer size of tractor-trailers make them some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. When they are involved in an accident with cars, drivers and passengers often suffer severe injuries. Showing this, once again, a May 25, 2012, wreck on I-40 in North Carolina left at least 20 people hurt.


At around 8:40 pm, a tractor-trailer driver sidewiped seven stopped vehcles before rear-ending another large commercial truck near the North Carolina-Tennessee state line. Rather than patiently wait behind other cars on the road, the driver chose to drive between the two westbound lanes.

Police actually had to stop all traffic for three hours in order to help all of the victims receive proper treatment. The a-fault driver of the tractor trailer is facing reckless driving charges. 

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