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Crash in Myrtle Beach, SC Kills 1 Pedestrian and Injures 2

One person died and two went to hospital with serious injuries after a car crashed into a group of pedestrians in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC), on the night of May 30, 2015. The fatal wreck occurred near the intersection of U.S. 17/N. Kings Highway and Lake Arrowhead Road.



Police did not release information on the cause of the deadly pedestrian crash. The area where the car slammed into the pedestrians is in the center of a commercial development with several restaurants, night clubs, hotels, and stores, and the intersections through the area are marked with crosswalks and controlled by stoplights. Investigators will need to look into whether the pedestrians were crossing at a corner with the light and in a crosswalk. Doing those things would give the individuals on foot right of way and put the driver at fault.

Other factors that may have played roles in leading the driver to hit the pedestrians include use of alcohol or drugs, speeding, and distraction. Each could have made spotting and avoiding the people in the roadway difficult. Whatever happened, my Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney colleagues and I send our condolences out to the friends and family members of the person who died in the crash, along with our wishes for full and rapid recoveries by the injured survivors.

Resort destinations such as Myrtle Beach are especially prone to serving as the locations for serious wrecks involving pedestrians. Visitors often travel by foot, and they may have little knowledge of traffic patterns. This places a higher duty than usual on drivers to watch out for pedestrians and to be prepared to slow and stop for individuals crossing streets. Obeying stop signs and red lights, maintaining safe speeds and staying sober and alert should be assumed. In places like Myrtle Beach, however, those minimum responsible driving behaviors may not be enough to prevent tragedies.


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