Crash in Norfolk, VA Seriously Injures Road Crew Members

Two members of a Norfolk, Virginia (VA), road crew suffered serious injuries when a pickup truck that was involved in a nearby accident flipped into the median where they were working on the morning of October 6, 2016. The driver of the pickup also sustained injuries that required hospital treatment.



According to police, the pickup was struck by a car whose driver was attempting to turn onto Terminal Boulevard from Diven Street. It remains unclear whether the car turning left or the pickup traveling straight had right of way. Determining which driver caused the wreck will be the first step toward determining how the injured victims can file insurance claims. Even though the man behind the wheel of the truck sustained injuries, he could still have responsibility for covering the road crew members' medical bills and other crash-related expenses if he is found to have acted negligently or recklessly.

The road crew members may also have grounds for seeking workers' compensation benefits. Their injuries definitely occurred when they were on the job, and that is the principle criterion for qualifying to receive workers' comp. Consulting with an experienced and knowledgeable Virginia personal injury lawyer would help the road crew members understand what other evidence they would need to submit as part of the workers' comp application and how filing auto insurance claims against the at-fault driver might affect their workers' comp eligibility.


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